Frail Grounds (2024)

The story of Frail Grounds revolves around a girl waking up in a world unfamiliar to her.  When she returns to her family’s old home, main character Margot believes she may finally find some peace in her own existential dread. But when her estranged siblings join her at their childhood cabin in a dreamlike state of confusion, ultimately defined as purgatory, quick-witted Tyler and motherly Aidra pull at both her heart and mind to help her answer the most vital question of Margot’s life: where should I go from here? 

In my capacity as the Lead Editor, VFX Artist, and Sound Supervisor, I find myself at the helm of both the post-production and sound divisions, where my role extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of video editing. A key aspect of my responsibilities lies in the meticulous organization of media assets and the orchestration of workflows to ensure the seamless progression of projects from inception to completion. My commitment to efficiency goes hand in hand with a keen eye for detail, ensuring that deadlines are not only met but that the creative vision is realized to its fullest potential.

Collaboration is a cornerstone of my approach to project management, and I thrive on working in synergy with a team of assistant editors. Together, we navigate the intricacies of the editing process, pooling our collective expertise to bring diverse perspectives to the creative table. This collaborative ethos not only fosters a dynamic and engaging work environment but also contributes significantly to the success and innovation of our projects.

Beyond the realms of post-production, my role extends to the dynamic field of sound design. As an active participant in on-set activities, I skillfully deploy external boom and lavalier microphone setups to capture pristine audio. However, my involvement doesn't stop at the point of recording. I take pride in the subsequent phases of audio production, where the captured sounds undergo a meticulous cleanup process and are intricately mixed to harmonize seamlessly with the visual components. This holistic approach ensures that the auditory dimension of our productions resonates with the same level of excellence as the visuals, contributing to a truly immersive viewer experience.

In navigating this multifaceted role, I am driven not only by a commitment to technical precision but also by a passion for elevating storytelling through the fusion of visual and auditory elements. The dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of post-production and sound design fuels my creative spirit, inspiring me to push the boundaries of what is achievable and to contribute meaningfully to the immersive narratives we bring to life.