Playing God (2023)

As the lead editor and lead sound specialist for this project, my responsibilities were varied and multifaceted. During pre-production, I collaborated with the director and producer to develop a vision for the project and create a detailed shooting schedule. I also played a key role in hiring and managing the post-production crew, ensuring that everyone was working towards the same goals and objectives.

On set, I was responsible for managing the sound department, ensuring that all dialogue was recorded clearly and that the sound design captured the mood and atmosphere of each scene. This required me to collaborate closely with the director and cinematographer, working together to create a cohesive visual and auditory experience.  Another responsibility I had was handling and collecting all the data from the multiple SDs card we used throughout production, organizing it, and backing it up in several locations.

In post-production, I spent countless hours working in the editing suite, piecing together the footage and creating a compelling narrative that would engage and captivate audiences. I also attended numerous meetings with the director and producer, discussing the direction of the project and making key decisions that would impact the final product.

As a leader in the post-production team, I placed a strong emphasis on collaboration and creating a positive working environment. I encouraged my colleagues to share their ideas and opinions, believing that everyone has something valuable to contribute to the creative process. This approach not only made the work more enjoyable but also led to a more polished and refined final product.

Throughout this project, I also gained valuable experience in project management, building and using Excel spreadsheets to track progress and ensure that all tasks were completed on time. This allowed me to manage multiple departments simultaneously and ensure that everything was running smoothly, despite the numerous challenges and setbacks that inevitably arise during the production process.

As we approach the premier on May 4, 2023, I am excited to see the final product and share it with audiences. This project has been a true labor of love, and I am proud of what we have accomplished together as a team. I look forward to applying the skills and knowledge I have gained to future projects, and continuing to learn and grow as a professional in the film industry.