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Vision Gone Viral Article

"Vision Gone Viral: Penn State Student Finds Success As TikTok Visual Effects Artist"

A story written about me by Penn State's newspaper, Onward State. Delve into the piece to uncover the genuine story behind my journey, emphasizing the importance of creativity over metrics and the joy found in tackling unique projects, such as my 3D animation of Spider-Man. Join me in exploring a narrative that goes beyond TikTok numbers, touching on themes of self-improvement, resilience, and the authentic joy of creative expression. Be sure to check out the full feature for an intimate look at this remarkable adventure! 

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In my role as Post-Production Executive, I specialize in overseeing the production of client-based, documentary-style marketing videos for Penn State's lead media firm. My responsibilities extend beyond the post-production phase, encompassing the leadership of cinematography and scripting strategies. Through a combination of group collaboration, one-on-one meetings, and workshops, I guide the post-production process, ensuring that each project meets the highest standards of quality and creativity. Additionally, I take charge of managing team member schedules, facilitating effective communication with clients, and overseeing the timely delivery of project deliverables. This comprehensive approach not only ensures the successful execution of marketing videos but also fosters a dynamic and efficient production environment. 

Engaging in the creation of visual effects content on TikTok has proven to be a rewarding journey, marked by impressive statistics. With a dedication to crafting visually captivating content, the @costco.samples has amassed over 62.6 million views and garnered an impressive 9.3 million likes. These statistics underscore the resonance of visual effects within the TikTok community, showcasing the appeal and impact of creative endeavors in this dynamic space. As I continue to explore and experiment with visual effects on TikTok, the goal is to deliver content that not only captivates but also resonates with a diverse and enthusiastic audience. 

Frail Grounds (2024)

The story of Frail Grounds revolves around a girl waking up in a world unfamiliar to her.  When she returns to her family’s old home, main character Margot believes she may finally find some peace in her own existential dread. But when her estranged siblings join her at their childhood cabin in a dreamlike state of confusion, ultimately defined as purgatory, quick-witted Tyler and motherly Aidra pull at both her heart and mind to help her answer the most vital question of Margot’s life: where should I go from here?

In my capacity as the Lead Editor, VFX Artist, and Sound Supervisor, I find myself at the helm of both the post-production and sound divisions, where my role extends far beyond the conventional boundaries of video editing.

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In my capacity as the VFX Artist and Supervisor for this 30-minute short student film production, I play a dual role both on and off set. Collaborating with various team members across departments, I contribute to the creation of a polished end product. This involves generating previsualization and final VFX products aligned with the creative treatments. On set, I work closely with the director of photography to ensure seamless collaboration. Additionally, I regularly meet with the director and fellow editors to establish and maintain an efficient VFX workflow throughout different stages of production.   See more about my involvement on Good Company

See more updates and behind-the-scenes of Good Company on the official @goodcompanyshort Instagram!  

In my dual role as the lead editor and lead sound for a dynamic 25-minute short student film production, I stand at the forefront of the core crew, where my responsibilities extend beyond the realms of editing and sound design. At the heart of the team, I actively coordinate systemized schedules and delegate task management in collaboration with other core members, ensuring both efficiency and safety throughout the production process. Leading teams across multiple departments, my objective is to cultivate collaborative environments that serve as fertile grounds for learning experiences encompassing equipment mastery, advanced editing techniques, and essential set etiquette. This comprehensive leadership approach not only contributes to the seamless integration of creative and technical elements but also strives to empower each team member with a holistic understanding of the filmmaking process, fostering a culture of continuous learning.   See more about my involvement on Playing God!

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Delta Kappa Alpha

As the Scholarship Chair for Delta Kappa Alpha, Penn State's professional cinematic society, my role extends beyond the traditional bounds of academia into the realm of fostering a culture of intellectual growth and achievement within our cinematic community. In this capacity, I am dedicated to recognizing and celebrating the academic accomplishments of our members, ensuring that their commitment to excellence is acknowledged and appreciated. Through my role, I actively engage with the members, encouraging a spirit of scholarly curiosity and providing support for their educational endeavors. Delta Kappa Alpha serves not only as a space for creative expression but also as a platform for academic enrichment, and as the Scholarship Chair, I am proud to contribute to this dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment. 

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Broken Clock

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