About Me

About Me

I am a third year Film Production major at Penn State University, minoring in business and psychology.  Over the past several years, I have fallen in love with filmmaking process and expressing my creativity through video.  Through posting my visual effects work on TikTok, I have gained over 350,000 followers on the platform.  I am currently the post-production executive at CommAgency, Penn State's student-run media production agency.   I also have been recently hired for production positions in the live sports broadcasting industry, including NBA, MLS, and NCAA shows for ESPN, AppleTV, Barstool Sports, and CBS Sports. 

My interest in editing and visual effects began during my freshman year of high school when I was introduced to the art form in my high school's video production club, RADTV. When my friends wanted a cool intro to a sketch comedy video we made, I was volunteered as the person to make it.  Not sure where to start, I began by utilizing YouTube tutorials to understand After Effects.  Through the help of the many resources online, I was able to make my first visual effect! Falling in love with it at that moment, I began working to develop my skills in this area, ultimately choosing to pursue VFX as a career. I believe that my passion for VFX, coupled with my strong organizational skills, would make me a valuable asset to any project I am involved in. 


the penn state student film org president

delta kappa alpha cinematic society scholarship chair