Good Company (2023)

As the VFX Artist and Supervisor on a 30-minute short student film production, my role has been instrumental in bringing the director's creative vision to life. Working across departments and sharing my time both on and off set, I have collaborated with several members of the team to achieve a pristine final product.

My responsibilities on this project have been wide-ranging, but at the core of my role has been the creation of previz and final products based on creative treatments. This has involved working closely with the director of photography to ensure that our visual effects are seamlessly integrated into the film's narrative and style. On set, I have worked collaboratively with the director of photography to ensure that our VFX shots are captured correctly, and that the footage is ready for post-production.

Off set, my role has been just as vital. I have spent many hours in meetings with the director and other editors to ensure an efficient VFX workflow during different portions of production. I have also been responsible for coordinating with other departments, such as sound and music, to ensure that our VFX shots are properly timed and aligned with the rest of the film.

One of the most exciting aspects of this project has been the development of an artificial intelligence character in the form of a box television. This has given me a great deal of creative liberty and allowed me to create and experiment with character animation.  It has also presented a number of unique challenges, such as ensuring that the AI character is believable and consistent throughout the film.

The AI character is a key component of the film's story. An investigative reporter enrolls into a shady love-matching program that she intends to expose. The AI character is the program's creator, and he serves as a foil to the reporter's investigation. As the VFX Artist and Supervisor, I have been responsible for bringing this character to life, both visually and aurally.

Overall, this project has been an incredibly rewarding experience. As the VFX Artist and Supervisor, I have been able to collaborate with talented and passionate individuals across multiple departments, and I have been given the opportunity to experiment with cutting-edge technology. I am excited to see the final product, and I am confident that our hard work and dedication will result in a stunning and memorable film.